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It’s 2 A.M, you’re awake, and CRAVING ice cream. What do you do? Well, if you’re in the South Florida area, we got you covered.

Miami’s own DJ Affect (read more about him here) , has officially opened up the 305’s first Hip-Hop Ice Cream lounge. Some people may not know exactly what a hip-hop ice cream shop consist of, so we’re here to enlighten you.

Just imagine a DJ booth, arcade games, along with alcohol infused treats like their Sangria popsicle. Then, picture a wide array of ice cream flavors, known as song “tracks” named after hip hop legends. Feel free to try their Red Velvet flavored ice cream named “Red Alert” after the iconic DJ, or the “Fat Joe Pistashio”.
Maybe you’d even be interested in their birthday cake flavor known as “Go Shorty It’s Your Birthday”!

You probably have heard of them already since they’ve attracted big names like the Snapchat famous Dr. Miami, or maybe you were there when Fat Joe stopped by.

Rather than tell you all about Mr. Kream, located in the heart of Miami’s Art District of Wynwood, we sat down with DJ Affect, to give you the scoop (LOL get it?).


What prompted you to expand beyond DJ’ing to delve into this new venture? Where did the idea of a Hip Hop Ice Cream shop come from?

Well, my first job in high school was at Dairy Queen. I love Ice Cream, it’s my favorite food. As a DJ, I noticed that Ice Cream is a major staple in Hip-Hop culture. From Raekwon’s hit single “Ice Cream”, to Wu Tang Clan’s classic “C.R.E.A.M”, ice cream has always been relevant to urban culture. Aside from that, sometimes I would be home at 2 or 3 in the morning, and get in my car on a mission, thinking to myself “Damn, where can I get some ice cream!” Once I realized this is what I was passionate about, Mr. Kream was born.
As far as taking this beyond the turntables. We all know the DJ game has taken a major turn on a financial and political level. Everybody used to tell me “If you put the same amount energy you put into DJ’ing into anything else, you’d be a millionaire.” Once I put this in perspective, I realized that there was a synergy between my love for Ice Cream and myself as an entrepreneur.


How tedious was this process? What feedback are you getting from your industry friends?
This process was so ridiculously insane, tedious and annoying, but all so worth it in the end. As far as my industry peers, they know my hustle and they were actually a major motivation for me. There was no negativity and a lot of them are talking to me about turning this into a franchise. This DJ game is limited, you have to expand. I don’t know if the new generation of DJ’s will ever have the platform we once had. Social media and technology has spread everybody so thin.
The best advice I can give to the new generation of DJ’s is to come into this game with the intention of having fun and use DJ’ing as a stepping stone to get to where you want to go, not a career. You can be a DJ your entire life, but it’s not realistic. Use technology to throw your own parties, don’t allow somebody to put a price tag on your brand. A DJ can make more throwing his own parties once a week than working for a promoter 5 times a week. This is coming from experience. Seeing what DJ Camilo and Irie have done with their brands is such an inspiration. They’ve taken things to the next level. I never thought I would accomplish the sh*t I’m accomplishing now, 10 years ago.


How has being located in Miami’s Art District, Wynwood, influenced Mr. Kream?

#newflavor Coffee and C.R.E.A.M!

Well anybody who knows me knows after I left the South Beach scene for political reasons, Wynwood was a newborn baby. At the time half of the population [of Wynwood] was living in poverty while the other half were people extremely hip to art culture which is why I dug it.  Having a new business in a new neighborhood is some cool sh*t! We don’t have to follow the rules. Anything goes here, and that’s what I like. It’s all good vibes and no rules.

As far as influences, we have a heavy graffiti influence inside Mr. Kream and that’s because a mutual friend linked me up with “E ” who is one of the biggest graffiti influences here in Wynwood. He was one of the first people in this neighborhood and he owns 004connec . I told him I think it would be dope to put an ice cream shop inside his paint shop. Between graffiti, DJ’ing, hip-hop and ice cream, we have the complete package. From the suburban family who comes in and get’s educated on the vibe and culture, to those who are hip hop enthusiast, they can all appreciate what we’re trying to do.


What are your 3 favorite flavors and how do you pick their names?
My top 3 flavors are:
1. De La Guava, which was named after De La Soul. Here in Miami the guava flavor is very big in cuban culture, and we ended up selling 14 gallons of guava ice cream in one day.
2. Fat Joe Pistachio, obviously because I got love for Fat Joe and I got love for Pistachio.
3. Beyoncé Lemonade Flavor

I pick the names of each flavor by searching them via Google. For example, for our Dulce de Leche flavor, I would type  “hip-hop lyrics for Dulce de Leche” into the search engine, and J.Lo lyrics came up. Our Dulce flavor is called “Jenny from the Block”. We also don’t refer to them as “flavors”, we call them tracks.


What does Mr. Kream stand for?
Well the first initial of my last name begins with a K, but Kream really stands for Kids Rule Everything Around Me. We take pride in being a family friendly business. My sons favorite flavor is Manilla Cream, named after Wu Tang. My wife actually invented our ice cream taco too. It began as a mistake. She didn’t know how to use the waffle maker and ended up making a waffle taco shell. We filled it with ice cream and toppings, took a picture of it, and it became one of the biggest trends in the area via Instagram!


What’s next to come for Mr. Kream?
https://www.instagram.com/p/BQEb-rUD7eK/?taken-by=mrkreamwynwoodWell we’re proud to announce we’re the new home for the Drink Champs podcast. We actually have an official “Drink Champ Float” which consist of Chocolate Stout Beer topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. Then, we’ll be launching “Junk Food Sundays” which will feature our waffle tacos, waffle nachos (our waffle cone cut into tortilla chips allowing you to dip it into ice cream and toppings) along with ice cream pizza.
Wednesday Nights will be our Industry Game Nighst, which is based around all of our activities varying from Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Chess, and Arcade Games.

We’ll also be adding alcohol infused treats to our menu soon, ranging from Red Wine Birthday Cake, to Corona Lime Sorbet.

Homemade Sangria Popsicle!

By summer 2017 , we’ll be available for franchising. Franchise owners will only be open to industry cultured individuals. That’s the only way to keep our business authentic and not turn us into another cold stone. We have options for everybody. All of our ice cream products are Kosher, we have vegan options, and sugar free options. Basically there is no excuse for you to not come here, whether you’re a diabetic, vegan or if you have any form of religion constraint. Mr. Kream is open for business for everybody!


The lounge hours operate as follows:
Sunday-Thursday: 11:00 A.M – 10:00 P.M
Friday- Saturday:
11:00 A.M – 3:00 A.M


To keep up with Mr. Kream, follow them on Instagram @mrkreamwynwood or head to their website, mrkreamwynwood.com!


Can you name all the Hip Hop Legends on this wall? If you can and you’re under 18 years old, you may be eligible for a free scoop!


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