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Tips for Opening DJs!

Tips for Opening DJs!
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The Job of the Warm-Up DJ!!

I was part of a successful club night where generally, I warmed up, my DJ partner ended, and we had a guest in the middle. We had a “formula” for the night. We only really booked guests who “got it”. They had to played by our rules both musically (we had a proper “beginning-middle-end music policy”) and timing wise (i.e get off the decks before the end, we finish the night!). This is, to me, an ideal situation.

If the promoters of any regular night you’re warming up for are musically savvy, they’ll already have successfully “zoned” the music. They’ll have developed a music policy for their event that’s above any individual DJ, like we did. You’ll be one of the trusted resident DJs, and the promoters will be booking guests who “get it” and play their part too.

Everything will flow and it won’t really matter who’s actually playing any particular week; overall, the formula will hold. People will be loyal to the event, coming whoever’s playing because they know what they’re going to get. In this classic club night scenario, yes, as a warm-up guy you should be setting the vibe, slowly raising energy, starting a little quieter than it’ll be later on. You’ll be teasing, playing dubs instead of full versions, operating at a lower BPM, slowly and carefully raising the energy level without blowing the roof off.


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