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Skratch Bastid Gettin’ Crabby On The Turntables!

Skratch Bastid Gettin’ Crabby On The Turntables!
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Yesterday, Skratch Bastid previewed a rather well-known DJ scratch on his Instagram. The sound he showed off was pretty dope, and it showed an innovative technique that many up and coming DJs could use for their own art.

Skratch came into stardom in in 2003, when he won his first Scribble Jam Award for “DJ of the Year.” And the following year, he won the same award at the Scribble Jam. He was also the first Canadian DJ to be nominated for “Producer of the Year” for Juno in 2008.

Although he didn’t win that year, that type of publicity actually helped to put Canada on the map. Around this same time, a Canadian Rapper named Drake was up and coming in Toronto. Now, Drake is of the biggest, most distinct rappers of all time.

Skratch putting Canada on the map is possibly the reason Drake, and various other artists have risen to fame over the years.

Just taught a great #SkratchSchool class in Medellin, Colombia! Completely inspiring. These girls are 16 & 13 years old!? There is an amazing school here called Cuatro Elementos Eskuela (4 Elements School) run by @crewpeligrosos (a hip-hop crew from Medellin), and I stopped in for a guest session. There were lots of young DJs including these two who don’t even have DJ names yet, but can juggle already. The students told me that @djtotaleclipse and Rob Swift (@brolicarm) of the X-Ecutioners came down here a few years ago and taught as well. You can total see the impact that they had on the city. Amazing how long positive inspiration can stick around. Thank you to @redbullcol and Crew Peligrosos for helping make this possible!

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Head to www.SkratchSchool.com to sign up and get lessons from one of the best DJs out!!



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